Telling Your Story through Art Photography

Art can be in many forms – painting, sculptures, architecture and so many more, including YOU! You are the representation of art itself.


I offer art photography services to showcase and highlight your artistry in digital format. You can be playing your music, dancing with grace and precision, or showing off your deepest emotions in a series of frames. Art can go as far as your imagination can, bound only by the limits of your creativity.


I am a Hong Kong-based photographer offering art photography, with you as the subject! Feel free to communicate with me, as one artist to another. Let your thoughts be heard so we can get your perfect shots. What concepts are you thinking off? You may want yourself to appear in an abstract art form, in a real-life setting or a cartoon-type photo.


Art photography is a great means of storytelling. After all, photographs have the ability convey a certain degree messages and emotions no words can. It allows the viewers to be where you are, to feel your emotions at that precise moment.


Your story through your photographs can be an inspiration to others. You can choose to tell your own life’s story, or a message you want to share more powerfully through visual representations.


Have you thought of the theme that you want? With my technical expertise, I will capture captivating shots of you. Lighting is a tool that can be used to convey moods; your body angles can be representative of your emotions; the setting can set the tone for the whole story. The possibilities are endless. I can provide you web-ready formats or hard copy prints so you can easily share your stories.


My bright, airy studio is conveniently located in North Point. If you prefer an on-site photoshoot, contact me so we can talk more about your requirements.