Commercial Photography that captures your brand essence and sells your products and services

Every business needs a visual representation of their brand and products. Because consumers are visual, it is strategic and wise to tap into this visual nature.


Easily recognizable brands are those with memorable visuals. The colors, imagery and style can easily remind consumers of who you are and what you do, achievable through commercial photography.


Commercial photography is a service I offer in Hong Kong. I capture the essence of your brand for marketing and advertising. High-quality photographs can change how your business is viewed in ways that cannot be achieved through other means. Commercial photography, when combined with captivating ad copies, is a very effective tool to inform and educate your market, and ultimately, sell your products or services.


Using my expertise in lighting, angles, imagery and advertising techniques, I can help you achieve your marketing objectives. Feel free to communicate with me your goals, which will serve as my guide during the photography sessions.


I have photographed a range of famous brands and campaigns from fashion, architecture, sportswear, products and so much more. (Please feel free to browse the photos below.) If you are in the business of food and beverage, what better way to advertise your products than through vivid imagery artistically taken to tickle people’s taste buds. I capture models wearing apparels to show off your brand’s style and personality. Whatever industry you are in, I can come up with concepts to best produce quality shots.


I offer post-production and image retouching to enhance the photographs. I can provide your photos from web-ready formats to hard copy prints, just let me know what format you need them in.


As corporate events and product launches paramount to your story, I also offer corporate event photography to document your business’ milestones.


My bright, airy studio is conveniently located in North Point. If you prefer an on-site photoshoot, contact me so we can talk more about your requirements.