Commercial Photography that Captures your Brand Essence, and Sells your Products and Services

Whether you sell a product or service, every business can benefit from having a visual representation of their brand, especially in a world where information is readily available and sometimes overwhelming.


Easily recognisable brands are those with memorable visuals. The colours, imagery and style allows consumers to remember who you are and what you do. Besides branding and styling, memorable visuals can be achievable through commercial photography.


My approach is to work collaboratively with you to achieve your goals. High-quality, eye-cathing photos can change how your business is viewed, and when combined with captivating ad copy, the combination can elevate your brand and be a very effective tool to inform and educate your market, and ultimately, sell your products or services.


My Commercial Photography includes fashion shoots, capturing arcitecture, promoting sportsware along with innovative, new to market products. My service extends to corporate events, product launches, and art exhibitions. I offer my comercial photography services in Hong Kong and throughout Asia.


I enjoy documenting and sharing your story through visual impact of photography, and my collaborative approach ensures that we design concepts to best convey your brand’s style and personality.


As part of my service, I provide post-production and image retouching to highlight the best features of the photographs. My bright, airy studio is conveniently located in North Point.


If you’re interested to know more, please contact me.